Temple Stained Glass

Temple Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has restored, repaired, and build brand new stained glass glass for many churches across the United States and we are currently working on the new Fort Collins Colorado LDS Temple. The projects are different than the work we do in homes because of the multiple decision makers, the longer timelines, and the larger scope. However, the fact that we have completed so many of these projects over the years provides the experience to ensure that the process runs smoothly and the projects stays on time and on budget.

Our most recent project, as of January, 2015, was the new LDS Temple in Fort Collins, Colorado. Having worked through the 9 month long design and bidding process, we were selected in May of 2014 as the stained glass vendor. Subsequently we have completed over 300 windows covering more than 2,500 square feet of stained glass. We will be posting photos of the installed stained glass as soon as they become available.

Our contractor has told us that they not only appreciated our attention to the construction details that were required for such a large and complicated project, but they also thanked us for our logical help in ensuring that the project stayed on track and on budget.

Unlike many other stained glass studios which employ 2-3 people and flex with a larger number of lower skilled builders when large projects come through the door, Scottish Stained Glass has 8 full time design and office staff along with dozens of builder’s who are constantly building for our clients in Utah and across the country. This allows us to serve our clients more quickly, and with a higher quality product than many of our competitors.

Contact us today to discuss our temple stained glass design, installation, or restoration project. We promise that you and your congregation will see the beautiful results of our work for decades, if not centuries to come!

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