Salt Lake City Bathroom Stained Glass

Salt Lake City Bathroom Stained Glass

The bathroom is one of the most useful places in your home to add stained or leaded glass windows. Because the bathroom is such a private place our nature to to obscure any view out the window with drapes, blinds, or shades. When we do this though, we often end up blocking the natural light and making the bathroom a dark, dreary place that relies on incandescent bulbs for illumination. If you want to open up your shades, you often have to step into the often slippery tub to reach the controls. Stained and leaded glass windows solve this problem.

Leaded Glass Allows Natural Light Without Sacrificing Privacy

Leaded glass windows like the one in the photograph allow natural light into a bathroom while still ensuring the privacy of your family. The heavy glass textures provide you the privacy necessary to a bathroom, while the colorless glass enables natural light to stream into your bathroom. This solution is a win/win/win as it enhances the value of your home, improves the quality of light in your bathroom, and adds a beautiful artistic accent to the room.

Contact us today to schedule your free in home consultation and see what stained or leaded glass can do to enhance the beauty and privacy of your Salt Lake City Bathroom.

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