Custom Stained Glass in New Homes around Salt Lake City

Custom Stained Glass in New Homes around Salt Lake City

As new construction moves into full swing again we are seeing more and more custom home builders trying to distinguish their homes by incorporating those little extra touches. Often it is going the extra mile which means the difference between standing out in the clients mind and selling the home versus having a home in inventory for months or being advised to drop the price.

One of the features of a custom home which can make all the difference is leaded glass and stained glass. The hand made nature of a beautiful beveled glass panel in a bathroom or entryway will leave a stunning impression on a prospective buyer. In the entryway for example this would be the first impression made as the buyer enters the home for the first time and also the last thing they see as they leave. In the bathroom there are often large windows above the tub which can pose a privacy issue and cause buyers to pause and consider what on earth they are going to do to deal with this enormous window.

Home builders can also turn a negative feature of a home into a positive one. For those windows which face the side of the neighbors home only a few feet away or have an unfortunate view of something undesirable leaded glass can be added to create something beautiful out of something otherwise quite ugly.

At Scottish Stained Glass we are always conscious that home builders needs are sometimes different from those of the average home owner. For example our designers need to ensure that the advice we give on design will appeal to 100% of the prospective buyers who will view the home. We are also aware of the budget. We want to ensue we increase the value of the home by as much if not more than the builder pays us to install the glass.

Whether you are a home builder working on a spec home, a designer helping a client to design their dream home or a homeowner looking for those special custom touches give Scottish Stained Glass a call and see the difference that custom stained glass can make to any home in the Sat lake City metro area.

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