Create an Inviting Entryway with Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Home

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Create an Inviting Entryway with Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Home

It can be nerve-wracking to have someone new visit your home for the first time. You want your home to look its best so that your guests are left with a good impression and come to see you again in the future. One of the best ways to ensure things start off on the right foot is by creating an inviting entryway. Stained glass gives Salt Lake City homeowners the ability to add charm and elegance to their entryway and boost their curb appeal.

Below, we’ve shared some beautiful examples of entryway stained glass for you to enjoy.

Where to Use Stained Glass in Your Entryway

Windows located near your front door or the entrance of your home are a great choice for stained glass. By replacing ordinary window glass with a stained or leaded insert, you can create an interesting design element while also enhancing your privacy. Stained glass is also a great choice for:

  • Sidelight windows
  • Transoms
  • Front door cutouts
  • Security doors
  • French doors
  • Windows with grids
  • Patio doors and back entrances

Beautiful Examples of Entryway Stained Glass

Not only can stained glass be used in many different parts of your entryway, but it also comes in dozens of different styles. From modern-looking leaded glass windows to traditional beveled glass, Mackintosh, and prairie style, there are tons of different designs and aesthetic options you can choose from.

Here are some examples of different looks you can create with entryway stained glass for your Salt Lake City home:

Here is a beautiful set of matching beveled glass doors.

This is a lovely example of Mission stained glass.

These stained glass sidelights do an excellent job at bringing light into this entryway.

Elevate Your Entryway with Stained Glass!

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