Stained Glass Transoms

Stained Glass Transoms

Salt Lake City Transom Stained Glass

Transom windows can be described as windows above other windows or doors. In some instances we’ve heard them described as clear story windows where you have rooms with higher ceilings and we see these often in larger custom homes around the Salt Lake City metro area. In any event these do sometimes present a unique design challenge. These windows give extra light into the room but sometimes too much light. Other times there will be another home close enough to your home to where the occupants of the nearby home can see right into your living room or whichever room in the house has the transom windows. If the transom windows are high up on a wall then they can look a bit bare and featureless.

How do you solve these problems? Blinds and shutters will provide privacy and cut the light out but they will most likely remain closed at all times and defeat the purpose of having a window. Shears and curtains will gather dust which is difficult to clean on higher windows. The window also may be an odd shape which makes it almost impossible to make any of these options work.

The perfect solution is leaded glass or stained glass. You can control exactly how much natural light comes in and keep the room bright but without the harsh glare. You can control the degree of privacy you wish to achieve. Any shape or size of glass panel can be manufactured and there will be little or no dust build up on the glass. In addition to all these other benefits you will have created a custom piece of artwork to provide beauty which will last a lifetime.

Some of our Salt Lake City homes have interior transom windows. These would be spaces in the wall between 2 rooms or sometimes glass panels above a door from a hallway into a bedroom for example. Again these are ideal places to add a stunning design feature using stained or leaded glass. You can even create you own window between 2 rooms by cutting through part of a wall and installing a window that wasn’t previously there. This is particularly popular in rooms which are very dark but can achieve a brighter look with the addition of a light source.

To get started our talented designers will meet you in your home to give you suggestions which will provide you with the best possible advice and our consultation is free of charge. Call us today. We’d love to talk to you.

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