Stained Glass Sidelights

Stained Glass Sidelights

Sidelight Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

We all love the natural light which our sidelights bring into the entryway and into our Salt Lake City homes. However, this can be overshadowed by the frustration we sometimes feel knowing that anyone at anytime can simply walk up to our front door and peer inside. Many of our clients are women who just don’t feel safe, especially at night in this situation. To make matters worse when it’s dark outside and you have the lights on inside the person on the outside can see you but you don’t even know that someone is there!

Fear not fellow homeowners. Help is on the way. Scottish Stained Glass in our Salt Lake City studio can manufacture and install stained glass and leaded glass sidelights that will put “Peeping Tom” out of business. (Or at least make him walk on down the street) You can not only choose from thousands of designs to compliment your decor but Scottish Stained Glass will install your new glass and additionally keep your existing clear glass in place. The reason to keep clear glass on the outside is to prevent break ins and improve insulation. The installation is very simple but once completed it will look like your leaded glass was always part of your home.

The styles of sidelight glass we might recommend to you will depend on the architecture of your home but in addition to traditional and contemporary designs Scottish Stained Glass can offer :Celtic designs; Mission style; Prairie style; Floral styles with mountains, trees and birds; Frank Lloyd Wright designs: Art Deco; Art Nouveau and sometimes our clients actually like to design their own and then just have us make it for them.

One of the biggest decisions when designing stained glass revolves around whether or not to use colored glass or instead use colorless textured glass and perhaps beveled pieces. You can also combine the two. Almost every homeowner asks our advice on this subject. We generally ask them in return how long they intend to stay in the home. For those who move every 10 years or less it is our recommendation that the resale value of the home will be increased more significantly if clear textured/ beveled glass is used. For those who intend to stay in their homes forever or for whom resale value isn’t a worthy consideration then it just comes down to an issue of personal preference. Our designers are experts at advising you on the best approach and our free in home consultation allows us to be in your home giving you the best possible advice

Order Beautiful Stained Glass for Your Sidelights

Your dream sidelights is possible. You just need something special to make it all come together. Call Salt Lake City Stained Glass today to place your order for custom sidelight stained glass windows