Hallway Stained Glass

Hallway Stained Glass

Hallway Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

The hallway in a home can be an ideal place for some stained or leaded glass. Often there will be a window on a staircase at the side of the home. The good news is that this window will be visible from many parts of the home but the bad news can be that it often faces the home of one of your neighbors. As you walk down the stairs in your jammies the last thing you want to see is your neighbor waving at you! By the same token a view of a neighboring home is not always a pleasant view. Far better to be looking at some beautiful stained glass.

Stained glass hallway windows allow the perfect balance between light and privacy while providing the interesting design element to an area of your home which is often otherwise devoid of attention from a decorating and design point of view.

In older traditional homes in Salt Lake City the hallway or staircase window will sometimes be a sliding window which will open and close. Scottish Stained Glass can design the glass in 2 sections if need be to allow for the window to continue to be functional (we can do this for any window in your home). In a more modern home the glass is sometimes one very large piece. Again this poses no problems as we can manufacture in one section any size of window up to 4 feet wide x 8 feet tall.

Many years ago homes were very often built with stained glass included in the hallway window. However as builders cut back on costs this practice had disappeared by the the 1930’s. At Scottish Stained Glass we would like to try to resurrect this tradition. The process would start with our designer meeting you in your home or if you are building a new home then we would look at a set of your plans. We can make design and color suggestions based on your tastes and draw up some ideas free of charge. And considering the level of service we provide out prices are actually very reasonable. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Order Beautiful Stained Glass for Your Hallways

Your dream hallway is possible. You just need something special to make it all come together. Call Salt Lake City Stained Glass today to place your order for custom hallway stained glass windows