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Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Style Stained Glass Windows

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

At Scottish Stained Glass we are huge fans of the late Architect and Designer Frank Lloyd Wright. While we never copy his work we are certainly inspired by it and have designed hundreds of stained glass pieces in the Prairie style which symbolizes work. Salt Lake City may seem to be an unlikely place to find Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass but in fact as you look around not just the city itself but the newer suburbs and certainly the custom homes in Park City we are seeing more and more Prairie style and Mission style influence and these are the homes which will sparkle like jewels with the addition of this type of stained glass.

If you look closely at much of the stained glass work of Frank Lloyd Wright you notice he used color sparingly and sometimes not at all. He referred to many of his stained glass panels and windows as “light screens”. Often you will see he used completely clear glass with just a leaded pattern, occasionally sprinkled with some small bright colors. These types of designs are ideal for interior glass work such as kitchen cabinets, office doors and interior transoms which are windows often above a door allowing light into a bedroom for example.

For clients requiring more privacy in their glass Scottish Stained Glass has tended to use clear textured glass in place of the completely clear window pane glass favored by FLW. This allows the light to penetrate but also prevents viewing from the outside. Using this method we can use Prairie style designs in bathroom windows and around entryways, not just in interior spaces.

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In Salt Lake City our designers are passionate about finding the right design for the correct application. We can turn any shape or size of window into a beautiful custom design statement. Our Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass designs have become some of our favorite works of art. Contact us today to set up a free design consultation and let us show you a whole new world of design possibilities.