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Salt Lake City Stained Glass is the trusted expert specializing in Dalle de Verre in Salt Lake City. Dalle Glass is a stunning feature that adds light and color to any room. We are proud to offer comprehensive services for Dalle de Verre design, repair, and restoration.

Dalle Glass Windows

Dalle de Verre is an artistic style that was developed in the 1930’s. French painter and mosaic artist Jean Gaudin is credited for having developed the technique which utilizes thick slabs of glass to produce a mosaic effect.

Dalle de Verre windows are made from faceted glass, giving them the ability to refract light and illuminate the room with color. Artists cut shapes from slabs of colored glass, then chisel them around the edge, and set them into a bed of sand. Epoxy is poured over the glass, which reacts with the sand and creates a strong mortar. Then, more sand is added between the grooves to produce a finished effect. Though this artistic style reached its peak in popularity in the 1960s and 70s in the U.S., it is still revered today for its distinct beauty and bold aesthetic.

Dalle de Verre Restoration & Repair

If you have Dalle de Verre glass that needs restoration, our Salt Lake City team would be glad to assist. Dalle Glass usually needs to be restored when it reaches an age of about 50-60 years old since this is when the epoxy starts to break apart. Signs that your Dalle Glass needs repairs include cracking, bowing, loosing pieces, and crumbling mortar.

Our experts will come out to your building to inspect your Dalle Glass and examine its condition. Repairs are usually completed in phases, starting with one section at a time. We remove the section, cut out the glass slabs, then clean them up around the edges. The glass is then arranged according to the original pattern and cemented in place using new epoxy mortar.

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