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Commercial Stained Glass

Commercial Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

The commercial market for stained glass is often overlooked but at Scottish Stained Glass we love to provide advice to potential commercial clients.

For example the Restaurant and Hotel business in Salt Lake City is very competitive and the ambiance which these establishments can generate for their clients can go a long way to determining the success or failure of each establishment. Stained glass allows for differentiation and can therefore be a powerful tool for designers to use as they seek to make a difference for their clients. Whether the glass is between the tables in the booths of a restaurant or part of the entryway, the transoms, the ceiling or the light fixtures, stained glass can make a huge difference to the warmth patrons feel as they relax within the establishment.

Recently we have noticed hotels in particular redecorating with themes such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau. These are perfect examples of themes which would match perfectly with stained glass. The shapes and colors in an Art Deco design can allow visitors to imagine what it might have been like to live back to the 1930’s. At Scottish Stained Glass we understand that we need to provide an ROI to our commercial clients in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. In other words the benefit they derive from having our stained glass incorporated into their commercial space must outweigh the cost of the glass itself. We are very conscious of this when we design. We want to give or clients the maximum benefit at a price that makes sense. We want their clients to keep wanting to come back to them partly because they love to sit and look at the beautiful stained glass creations but at the same time the glass must not overwhelm the rest of the decor. This is a fine balancing act which we believe we have perfected over the years.

Office buildings and other commercial spaces can also benefit from the introduction of stained glass. In the downtown areas we often see older building being converted to offices. These are perfect places for a leaded glass door or some interior glass windows designed in a style from the original date of the building’s construction.

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