Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows Salt Lake City

Stained Glass Windows can be made for virtually any room in your home.

In many cases our clients seek privacy and so bathroom stained glass and entryway stained glass are very popular and also functional ways to use leaded or stained glass in your home. Natural light without the worry of who’s watching you can provide peace of mind, especially in the evening or at night. The windows beside your front door are known as sidelights. These are always interesting because often they are long and narrow. Sidelight stained glass can overcome the problem of what to do with these strange windows that our neighbors love to look through.

Residential Stained Glass

As we build homes with larger rooms and higher ceilings there are often transom windows designed above the main windows. These provide for extra light but can sometimes be a bit of a design dilemma. You don’t necessarily want to cover them permanently with blinds as the natural light is nice to allow into the room. Stained glass can be a perfect option. The same is true in the hallway of your home. You may have a staircase to an upper floor with a window facing your neighbors home.

In the kitchen we see several applications for stained glass. As well as the obvious windows to the outside of the home there are kitchen cabinet doors and ceiling stained glass light fixtures to provide opportunities for a bit of pizazz.

Religous Stained Glass

Religious Stained Glass for Churches and Temples usually has a different design concept from residential stained glass. Religious glass almost always involves color whereas the majority of home owners use leaded glass without color in their designs. Traditionally Church leaders have wanted complete privacy in any sanctuary so the use of colored glass will achieve this. However, recently there has been a growing popularity for clear textured glasses to be used in conjunction with the colored glasses to get the best of both worlds in terms of privacy, natural light and color.

Popular Stained Glass Styles

Scottish Stained Glass in Salt Lake City has noticed a movement towards certain styles of stained glass. In addition to the traditional beveled designs, antique style designs and more straight line contemporary designs we have noticed a shift to some of the more niche design styles such as Celtic designs and particularly Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass designs. We have therefore dedicated a page on this website to stained glass work inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Commercial Stained Glass

Commercial Stained Glass has a popular following, particularly among restaurant and hotel owners. Often you will see stained glass between table booths, in the entry doors or even in ceilings and light fixtures. Stained glass offers a way for interior designers to compliment the colors in the decor of a hotel or restaurant and add some colorful sparkle.

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