Stained Glass Restoration for Rose Hills Memorial Chapel

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Stained Glass Restoration for Rose Hills Memorial Chapel

Stained glass is often used in settings like funeral homes and mausoleums due to its calming effect. Watching the sunlight sift through the glass and illuminate the colors can be very peaceful. Light is associated with the divine and its presence can be reassuring and instill a sense of hope. This is why when the Rose Hills Memorial Chapel started to notice issues with their Dalle Glass, they immediately became concerned. They contacted our team and requested our help. Below, we’ve shared the story of this stained glass restoration project so that Salt Lake City churches can gain a better understanding of the methods involved as well as the benefits.

Stained Glass Conservation for the Rose Hills Chapel

The Rose Hills Memorial Chapel is a popular chapel located in a beautiful park with rolling hills and enchanting gardens. Because of its picturesque setting, the chapel is often host to funerals and celebrations of life. During services, visitors have the pleasure of looking up at a set of beautiful Dalle de Verre windows in the building, which produce a calming and uplifting effect.

In recent years, the stained glass started to shows signs of deterioration. The cement grouting was starting to crumble and some sections were coming loose. The owners contacted us to inspect the windows and create a plan for repairs.

Method & Techniques

We began by removing small sections at a time. Because the panels were so heavy and shipping them was not possible, we completed the repairs on site. We removed one section at a time and inserted a custom graphic in its place. The graphic was printed with the same design of the stained glass. This prevented the windows from looking as if there were missing pieces. Then, we cut the glass out with a tile saw and removed the old cement and grouted. Next, we poured new cement and rebuilt the panels. We repeated this process until all the repairs were complete.

The chapel owners were very pleased with the outcome of the repairs. Not only were we able to resolve some serious safety concerns, but the stained glass was now stronger more beautiful looking due to the new cement grouting. We were also able to conserve the original glass, which cut down on costs. By repairing only the panels that were in critical condition, we were able to complete the project within budget and in a timely manner.

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Martin Faith is a talented artist, visionary, and collector of antique stained glass windows. Prior to moving to the United States, Martin worked as a stained glass artisan in Glasgow. There, he spent many years cultivating his skills and learning the techniques and history behind the centuries old art form. Today, he is the proud owner of Salt Lake City Stained Glass, the largest and most highly renowned stained glass studio in Utah. Over the past 30 years, Martin and his team have produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows ranging in size, style, and appearance. His company has been highlighted on various media outlets including HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, and NBC.

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