How to Repair Bulging or Sagging Stained Glass Windows in Salt lake City Temple

How to Repair Bulging or Sagging Stained Glass Windows in Salt lake City Temple

Have you noticed any bulging or sagging glass pieces in your religious stained glass windows? Many of the antique stained glass panels housed in Salt Lake City Temples are beginning to reveal signs of deterioration. With concave and convex shaped bulging glass to entire pieces missing, the only solution for proper preservation is stained glass restoration.

Salt Lake City Temple Stained Glass Restoration Process

In order to repair your Salt Lake City temple’s bulging or sagging stained glass, restoration is in order. Restoration begins with an on-site assessment of your religious stained glass in order to understand the external factors that caused your temple’s stained glass to bulge or sag in the first place. This analysis allows us to custom design a restoration process for your stained glass, solving these issues before they affect your stained glass again. From there, we bring your stained glass back to our repair studio for in-depth cleaning and to bathe in a soapy water mixture for up to two weeks. Once we are able to remove your stained glass piece-by-piece, we replace each damaged piece with a new one from our inventory. We guarantee an exact match from our 10,000 stained glass inventory or we’ll have one custom blown. Painted glass is hand replicated by our artists. New lead came is created for the framework, and we add strength by forcing black cement into all the cracks.

Stained Glass Installation from Salt Lake City Stained Glass on Vimeo.

Salt Lake City Temple Stained Glass Re-Installation

When your stained glass is set and polished, we deliver it back to your Salt Lake City temple for re-installation. The luminous sparkle of your stained glass will provide inspiration for years to come, allowing future generations to appreciate it as well.

For more information regarding religious stained glass restoration for your Salt Lake City temple, please contact us or call:

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