Understanding the Investment of Stained Glass Repair

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Understanding the Investment of Stained Glass Repair

Dealing with a broken leaded glass window can be stressful. Often, stained glass artwork is passed down from one generation to the next and serves as a sort of family heirloom. Churches too, hold their windows in high regard and value them greatly. Many feel that they play an important role of representing their ideals and beliefs. So when a window or work of art is damaged, the owners often feel a sense of heartbreak. Something that is meaningful to them is at risk of being lost forever.

Nevertheless, stained glass repair is an investment. Salt Lake City churches and property owners must keep this in mind. And like any investment, there’s the potential for a payoff in the end. While repairs may cost some money, the financial benefits in the long run can make them worth it.

Confused? Let us explain. Below, we’ve outlined the reasons for investing in stained glass repair.

Investing in Stained Glass Repair

Stained glass repair is expensive for a reason. The act involves hours of work performed by a skilled professional and special materials must be used. For these reasons, it can be costly.

People who are intimidated by the cost may be tempted to give up and dispose of the window entirely. We’d like to encourage all in this situation to keep in mind that while there may be some upfront costs involved, there could also be a greater financial gain in the end.

How, you may ask? Because it increases the value of your property.

Repairs Pay Off in the End

Often, property owners find that investing in stained glass repair in Salt Lake City is a financially beneficial decision. This is because by improving the stained glass, they are improving the property overall. This increases the value of the building.

Therefore, in the future, when the homeowner or church sells the building, they actually generate a greater profit. In this case, spending the money on repairs makes sense.

For example, while it may cost you $50,000 to complete the repairs, you could increase the value of your building by $100,000 from doing so. In this way, you end up earning money, not losing it.

Of course, before you make this decision, it’s important to have your stained glass appraised. That way, you know how much it’s worth and how much the repairs will cost.

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Martin Faith is a talented artist, visionary, and collector of antique stained glass windows. Prior to moving to the United States, Martin worked as a stained glass artisan in Glasgow. There, he spent many years cultivating his skills and learning the techniques and history behind the centuries old art form. Today, he is the proud owner of Salt Lake City Stained Glass, the largest and most highly renowned stained glass studio in Utah. Over the past 30 years, Martin and his team have produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows ranging in size, style, and appearance. His company has been highlighted on various media outlets including HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, and NBC.

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