A Quick Guide to Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration in Salt Lake City

A Quick Guide to Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration in Salt Lake City

Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration

Have you and/or your congregation been considering getting your church stained glass restored and are curious about how the process will work? Well, you certainly are not alone! Also, our site is a great place to start since, Salt Lake City Stained Glass is arguably the country’s most prolific stained glass restoration company. Not to mention, we love what we do. So, below we have provided a quick guide on what the next couple of steps will be and how we will help you achieve with your church stained glass windows.

1. The Free Review On Your Church’s Stained Glass

The very first part of your restoration with us is a consultation for us to view your church’s stained glass and make an assessment.

This includes:

  • A report on the state of your stained glass
  • An estimate of scope, cost and time
  • A conversation about fundraising
  • Q and A time

2. The Restoration Of Your Cathedrals’ Stained Glass

Once we begin the job we will likely remove your church’s stained glass window(s) from its frames and take it to our studios. This depends on the scope of the damage but usually, on cathedral stained glass over 80 years old, it is necessary. Here we do our restoration craftwork, including:

  • Cleaning your glass
  • Remove old leading
  • Fixing, chips, crack and/or replacing glass pieces
  • Re-assembling your church stained glass

3. The Delivery And Installation Of Your Chapel’s Stained Glass Windows

After our restoration work is done, we finally bring your lovely, new/restored church stained glass windows back to your site and carefully place them back where they will grace the walls of your chapel for decades to come. This is our favorite part of the entire restoration process, since, we get to see these wonderful works of cathedral art back where they belong, looking more lovely, in many cases, than the day they were installed!

Stained glass is more than just our job here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass, it is our passion too! We just love bringing back these gorgeous works of art and preserving them for the next generation. Contact us today about doing what we do best– restoring church stained glass!





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