Salt Lake City Stained Glass Pricing Guide

Stained Glass Pricing

A lovely stained glass window for your home is the perfect piece of artwork to add charm and character to any room. While making the decision to buy a stained glass window is easy, gaining an understanding of stained glass pricing can be a little more challenging. However, we, at Salt Lake City Stained Glass, have put together a simple pricing guide, to help you, the consumer, better understand how glass is priced and help you make the very best design decision for your home and budget.

Since stained glass pricing is based on two elements: the size, which determines the base price and the complexity which determines the additional cost, one can begin to better understand how much their window will cost by understanding each of these elements and how the two work together to make up the final price.

Determining The Base Price

Base Price (based on size): The size of the window is the first component to determine a base price for a stained glass window. A normal base rate for stained glass is around $120 per square foot. Meaning if you have a window that is 2ft X 3ft, the base price will be $720.

Determining The Per Piece Price/Additional Cost

The additional cost is based on the number and/or complexity of the pieces in your stained glass design. The complexity falls into 3 basic categories and is priced accordingly.


Simple: $11-$14 per piece
A straightforward, usually geometric design with a limited amount of pieces (around 20 and under) and no specialty embellishments like beveling or etching.

Complex: $15-$17 per piece
A more intricate pattern that could include geometric and/or numerous curved design, with many pieces (20-100+) and few, if any, specialty pieces like painted or sandblasted glass.

Custom: $50-$1000 per square foot
This includes very complex or unusual designs, with many pieces and specialty items, which significantly drives up the price. (see specialty items below) Since these pieces tend to be custom, they are not priced per piece but rather charged at a per square foot rate.

The additional cost is determined according to the parameters above and then added into the base price to give you an end cost per square foot. So for a 2ft X 3ft stained glass window, you are looking at about $960-$2200 depending on whether your window is simple or more complex. If you are looking for more customized features, that same window could be $1000-$10,000+ depending on the level of customization you choose.

religious stained glass art salt lake citySpecialty Items:

With stained glass, there are many specialty items available, especially in the church and cathedral market, but are not completely unheard of for higher end homes either. These types of specialty items are custom made and therefore priced by the square foot and could include elements like:

Custom Beveled Glass:  There are thousands of “standard” bevel shapes to choose that are very affordable. However, custom beveled glass shapes are specially manufactured–increasing the price dramatically. That being said, the effect of custom beveled glass is absolutely gorgeous and well worth the money. From a custom bevel, you can expect two things: 1. to pay double the cost of a project and 2. to be absolutely thrilled with the stunning results.

Painted Glass:  The images you see on church windows with the likeness of Jesus or saints, look life-like because the details are actually painted on by an artist and fired multiple times to achieve an intricate look. The cost of painted glass can vary from $500-$1,000 per square foot extra, on top of the aforementioned base cost. To put it in perspective: a 3’ x 5’ church window with simple, unpainted glass might cost $3,000 but a complex, customized window, the same size, featuring artfully painted figures could cost upwards of $20,000.

Sandblasted Or Etched Glass:  These techniques are used to carve designs or textures onto the surface layer of glass, giving it a lovely, high-end look. The technique ranges from deep carving to light etching, can be simple or complex and single to multi-layered. The unique way this technique changes the glass and reflects the light is simply stunning and well worth the extra cost. This effect ranges from $50-$1000 per square foot.

Utah ’s Stained Glass Experts

As you can see, the cost of stained glass varies greatly and is dependent on the treatment of the glass and your own imagination. However, the fantastic thing about stained glass is–it can be customized to fit almost any budget. Our suggestion to our clients is–come up with a reasonable budget based on the guide above, and Salt Lake City Stained Glass will guide you from there. We have been in the business of stained glass for over 3 decades and we know how to take care of our clients. You can rest assured, no matter what the design, simple or intricate, the beauty of stained glass will always shine through into your home, church or cathedral!

Contact Salt Lake City Stained Glass today to discuss your ideas, budget and design options and to schedule a free stained glass estimate today!