Stained glass for your Salt Lake City home

Stained glass for your Salt Lake City home

Are you looking for some gorgeous stained glass for your Salt Lake City home? The kind that adds value and beauty? The kind that takes your home from well decorated to wow? The kind that you will never tire of enjoying, because you had it custom made to your tastes and specifications?

If so, Salt Lake City Stained Glass would like to work with you. We have a passion for custom stained glass, made exactly the way our clients want it. We love creating the designs and patterns that not only complement our clients’ homes, they complement their style.

If you have your own distinctive style, it probably shows up in your home. Perhaps you love antiques, rich wood, the master craftsmanship of days gone by. If we worked with you, we would come to your home and see the décor. We might suggest an antique style for your stained glass windows, something that would fit right in with the antiques that you have already. We might even suggest a replica of an actual antique stained glass design from our antiques collection. Salt Lake City Stained Glass is able to match and enhance your décor with our lovely stained glass windows and doors.


Or perhaps your home is modern with clean lines, all minimal and sharp looking. When the Salt Lake City Stained Glass designer shows up to your home, he or she might just suggest our signature Aspen collection designs, which have that contemporary look and would work well in your space.

Or you might have your own style, your own ideas, your own way of looking at things. Perhaps your home is eclectic with a mix of different styles. Salt Lake City Stained Glass works in a wide array of styles from the ancient yet classic Celtic Knots to the brilliant geometric designs or the Mission or Prairie styles.

And what if you love the stained glass work of a specific designer, someone iconic, such as master architect and stained glass designer Frank Lloyd Wright? Salt Lake City Stained Glass brings a touch of this master’s genius into your home with windows inspired by his glass art. Did you know that Mr. Wright referred to his stained glass creations as “light screens” and considered them an integral part of the entire building’s design?

For more information about our custom stained glass for your entryway, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or any other area in your home (including the basement!) please contact Salt Lake City Stained Glass today. We’d love to set up a no-cost in-home appointment for you and show you just how stunning custom stained glass can look in your home.

Martin Faith is a talented artist, visionary, and collector of antique stained glass windows. Prior to moving to the United States, Martin worked as a stained glass artisan in Glasgow. There, he spent many years cultivating his skills and learning the techniques and history behind the centuries old art form. Today, he is the proud owner of Salt Lake City Stained Glass, the largest and most highly renowned stained glass studio in Utah. Over the past 30 years, Martin and his team have produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows ranging in size, style, and appearance. His company has been highlighted on various media outlets including HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, and NBC.

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