5 Entryways with Stained Glass in Salt Lake City that are Absolutely Gorgeous

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5 Entryways with Stained Glass in Salt Lake City that are Absolutely Gorgeous

With all the recent construction caused by a growth in population, it’s not difficult to find a beautiful home in Salt Lake City. Many recent models feature large, street-facing glass windows, elegant entryways, and beautiful front patios and porches. It’s easy to see why they’re attractive to new buyers in the area. Who wouldn’t enjoy living in a place that is so well-constructed and stylish?

But although the homes in Salt Lake City are indeed stunning examples of architecture, without being customized they can also look fairly similar when they’re lined up next to each other on the street. However, some savvy homeowners have found ways to make their home stand out by making some simple but visually captivating renovations. In fact, many of the most unique and attractive homes feature entryways that have been totally customized with stained glass windows and doors.

Our Top 5 Picks for Residential Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

We asked the designers at Salt Lake City Stained Glass what their favorite entryway stained glass projects were that they’ve completed in the past and what they showed us was astounding. See for yourself just how beautiful they really are by taking a look at these five drop-dead gorgeous entryways with stained glass in Salt Lake City.

1. Elegant Stained Glass Sidelights

stained glass sidelights salt lake city
We love the way the natural sunlight comes in through these stained glass sidelights. They’re also great for adding privacy and security to your home.

2. Fashionable Prairie Style Stained Glass Transoms

stained glass transoms salt lake city
The prairie style glass in this transom window is similar to designs created by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and is still popular in many homes today. And it’s easy to see why! Its symmetrical pattern offers a contemporary, artistic look.

3. Absolutely Beautiful Stained Glass Door

stained glass door salt lake city
The intricate design of this stained glass door adds a look of old world elegance to this home that sweeps visitors off their feet with its stunning appearance.

4. Clear Stained Glass Windows with Gorgeous Bevel Clusters

stained glass window bevel clusters salt lake city
The bevel clusters in these stained glass windows serve as an eye-catching focal point and add a touch of elegance to the entryway of this home.

5. Complete Entryway Stained Glass

complete entryway stained glass salt lake city
If you’re going to remodel your home, why not go all out on your renovations? It can’t be denied that this complete stained glass entryway is totally gorgeous.

Get Your Own Unique Stained Glass Entryway in Salt Lake City

You too can add serious style to your home by installing custom stained glass. Contact Salt Lake City Stained Glass to get started on your next home improvement project!

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