St. George Stained Glass

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows for St George Residents

Enhance the architectural design of your home, business, or site of worship with a handmade stained glass window from Salt Lake City Stained glass. For the past twenty five years, we’ve been working with the residents, business owners, and religious organizations of St George to provide them with unique works of art that bring elegance and character to their buildings. Our artisans are highly skilled in creating a wide range of stained glass styles, including prairie, art nouveau, aspen/floral, and contemporary designs. If you’re thinking about doing some home or business remodeling, we’d like to invite you to experience the Scottish difference. When it comes to custom doors and windows, we’re the best in the business.

Gorgeous Stained Glass Doors & Windows for Your St. George Home

Give yourself the home you’ve always dreamed of having by installing stained glass in the entryway, kitchen, or bathroom of your St George home. Our residential stained glass has the ability to add elegance, privacy, and value to your home. Stained glass is the perfect option for creating privacy for the areas of your home where your family needs it. Unlike other options, it doesn’t block out the sun and allows for rooms to stay bright and beautiful. We’ll work with you to carefully design the perfect work of art for your home.

Unique Custom Stained Glass Designs for St. George Businesses

Create a high end look for your business by adding stained glass to your St. George restaurant, hotel, or commercial building. In the past, we’ve worked with many business owners in St. George to provide them with custom signage, creative storefronts, and beautiful hanging stained glass panels. Stained glass has a look of old world elegance that’s perfect for creating an artistic or vintage feeling for space and can be completely customized. Contact us today to get started on your design.

Striking Religious Stained Glass Art for St George Churches, Temples, and Sites of Worship

Give the members of your St. George church, temple, or religious building a beautiful place to worship in by adding a custom stained glass window. Stained glass has a deep historical presence in religious buildings throughout the world due to its striking appearance and incredible amount of detail. When the light shines through church stained glass, it brings a feeling of awe and wonder to those who gaze upon it. We can create a captivating religious stained glass design for your site of worship. Just contact us today to find out more about our services.