Chapel & Church Stained Glass

Temple & Church Stained Glass

Salt Lake City Stained Glass custom designs windows and doors for chapels and churches of all types and denominations. Creating religious stained glass is one of our passions. We strive to work together with each client to create the custom designs that will enhance their building’s aesthetics, enhance their worshippers’ experience, and join them to the long and venerable history of stained glass in religious institutions around the globe.

Chapel Stained Glass

We do custom designed, hand crafted stained glass windows and other panels for Catholic chapels. A chapel is generally a smaller space than a church that are part of a larger secular institution such as an airport, wedding hall, hospital, prison, ship, funeral home, or university chapel. These chapels are used for non-denominational or interfaith worship and are not necessarily built on consecrated ground. But the addition of stained glass immediately gives them the feeling people are looking for when they worship, because of the long association between stained glass and churches.

There is another kind of chapel, which is the residential chapel or home prayer room, which a family might set aside in their house to worship on a daily basis. We also do stained glass windows for residential chapels, to that clients’ tastes.

Our chapel stained glass designs can include traditional religious scenes from the Old or New Testament, religious icons or symbols, or they can be less literal in nature. They might feature an abstract or geometric design, or scenes from nature.

Church Stained Glass

At Salt Lake City Stained Glass, we are part of the largest custom stained glass studio of its kind in the nation. As such, we’ve created many new designs for churches across the country. We can create one stained glass window or door, or an entire wall of them. We have worked on stained glass skylights and stained glass ceilings.

Click here to see some of the many religious stained glass windows we have created for U.S. churches in our two decades in business.

Our process is simple: we come directly to you, to the church or chapel. We need to see and measure the space. Then we can discuss various themes, symbols, and ideas that might be included in the stained glass designs. Once the designs have been settled, we take the project back to our studio. The church windows are built by hand, using the highest quality materials.

Order Beautiful Stained Glass for Your Temple or Church

Our church and chapel stained glass windows are built to last for many generations, perhaps even centuries, to become a part of the magnificent history of religious stained glass. For more information or to set up a design consultation, please contact us today.