Religious Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

Religious Stained Glass in Salt Lake City

Did you know that Salt Lake City is home to one of the largest religious populations in the country? Over 73% of the residents in Salt Lake City identify as being religious. Due to this reason, it’s also home to some of the most beautiful churches and temples in the entire world such as the First Presbyterian Church, the Salt Lake LDS Temple, and more.

The stained glass that can be seen in religious sites throughout Salt Lake City is not only beautiful, but also has a rich, unique history. It portrays stories of faith and makes a statement about the religious values adopted by members of the church. That’s why we’re happy to work with religious members from a wide range of denominations to create custom religious stained glass for Salt Lake City churches. This includes windows, entryways, and transoms that are not only gorgeous in design but are also reflective of your group’s unique religious beliefs.

The Fort Collins Temple Religious Stained Glass Project

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Recently, Scottish Stained Glass, the head office of Salt Lake City Stained Glass, was given the task of constructing the stained glass windows for the Fort Collins Colorado LDS Temple. We worked closely with the religious members of the LDS Church to ensure that the construction of these religious glass pieces was executed flawlessly down to every last detail.

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The project took approximately two years to complete and in the end we were able to install over 50,000 pieces of individual glass. The building now features about 400 complete religious stained glass pieces.Throughout this time, we were able to take our services to a new level and create some specially designed stained glass pieces, including a custom color of glass and colored glass bevels. We also fitted each glass window with Low-E safety glass to provide for optimal energy efficiency and durability. The end product was a set of gorgeous glass windows that achieve a high level of privacy while still letting ample light flow into the temple.

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In the end, our glass work was able to pass many rounds of detailed inspection carried out by the architects and members of the church without having a single flaw identified. Due to the high quality of its design, we believe that the Fort Collins Colorado LDS Temple should be able to stand another 1,000 years.

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Unique Religious Stained Glass Designs

Salt Lake City Stained Glass is proud to be a creator of religious stained glass for Salt Lake City churches, temples, and other sites of worship. Check out our gallery or call us today to receive more information on an unique religious stained glass piece for your building.

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