How to Incorporate Stained Glass into Modern Architecture in Salt Lake City

How to Incorporate Stained Glass into Modern Architecture in Salt Lake City

Stained glass is renowned for its beautiful traditional application featured in many Salt Lake City churches, historic buildings, and homes. From powerful religious symbolism to symbolic heritage imagery, stained glass has served as a means for both decorative purpose and storytelling. Modern stained glass is definitely still up-and-coming, usually underestimated and not as well known. Stained glass’ versatility is showcased in contemporary stained glass and all the unique applications now more commonly seen throughout Salt Lake City’s commercial buildings and modern homes.

Beautiful Ways to Use Colorful Stained Glass in Commercial Buildings

Colorful stained glass can really transform any commercial space, adding that special artistic touch and to create a different feel to the room. Stained glass can also be utilized for custom signage or business logos, increasing brand visualization throughout Salt Lake City’s commercial buildings. Colorful stained glass can also provide a privacy solution for conference rooms, locker rooms, restaurants, bar areas, and more. With a multitude of different applications, colorful stained glass paired with lighting elements can create interesting prisms of light throughout a room. Architects have starts incorporating stained glass in Salt Lake City’s building facades, interesting architectural elements, and patios.

Stained Glass Provides Unique Decor Elements in Modern Homes

Stained glass provides modern Salt Lake City homes the opportunity to create custom pieces that really accentuate the contemporary features of their home. Stained glass can be custom created for many different home applications– bars, offices, cabinetry, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, basement well windows, and more. Leaded stained glass, the clear option, can create really elegant pieces that are more contemporary for residential settings. Stained glass privacy solutions are also perfect for any Salt Lake City home.

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