Stained Glass Design & Construction

Providing The Best Stained Glass For Over 25 Years

Salt Lake City Stained Glass has been designing and building stained glass across the United States for more than 25 years. During this time, we have perfected a process for designing and building stained glass in a way compatible with the modern home or commercial space. This process combines the hundreds of years of Scottish Glass heritage and some of the most up to date manufacturing methods to deliver a hand crafted product that is both beautiful and durable, all while conforming to the most stringent of modern building codes.

Our Expert Process

The design process begins during a visit to your Salt Lake City home. While there our designer shows you examples of our past designs, develops an understanding of your project goals, and notes the current and potentially the future aesthetic considerations important to the home. With all these variables taken into consideration we then work with you to develop multiple concepts for your project. Depending upon the complexity of your project, the designers can often create initial designs on site, during the first visit. Subsequently, we provide very precise CAD designs, and in most cases colored renderings approximating the final color scheme.

Bringing Your Vision To Life

After working with you to make sure you that the shapes and colors in the window are exactly to your liking, our artisans undertake the construction of your window at our Utah workshop. We then bring the panels to your house, office, or church and generally install them by bonding to existing glass. This enables us to provide you with the aesthetic appeal of stained or leaded glass, without compromising the efficiency of your window. It also works to lessen the wear and tear that the variable Utah weather can put on single paned leaded glass windows. It will allow your windows to exist for the lifetime of your building, rather than the handful of decades that is so common among traditional leaded glass installations. Additionally our process allows the installations to be quick and easy. Most installations take less than 30 minutes per pane.