Vernal City

Stained Glass For Homes And Churches In Vernal City

Vernal, Utah is a fast growing city built-up over the last 100+ years. Which is why this entire eastern Utah area is packed full of various home styles all side by side to create a beautiful juxtaposition of homes. From the newer homes out it Naples area to the vintage bungalows right off Main Street in Vernal City, this city is a wonderful mix of old and new. When it comes to design elements, they’re usually little crossover in design elements between vintage and modern homes. However, one feature that works surprisingly well in either is stained glass. This is because stained glass is something that is made in any number of styles from traditional to very modern. So for any home in the Vernal City area, stained glass is something to consider, as much for its functionality as it’s breathtaking beauty!

Stained Glass For Vintage Vernal Homes

For older homes here in the Vernal area, there are almost no limits for finding a stained glass that works for your Vernal home. This is because stained glass is an ancient art form offering styles from every design era in America’s past. So finding a historical style to go with your older home is easy! From Greene and Greene style windows to spruce up the sidelights of your Vernal bungalow to a more Mackintosh style piece for extra bathroom privacy–stained glass is always a perfect fit.

Stained Glass For Modern Vernal Homes

What most homeowners don’t realize is–stained glass compliments modern homes too! Both in form and function. You can do everything from increase privacy on your entryway windows or adding personality to your kitchen decor with stained glass installation. But stained glass isn’t solely a window treatment. IT works excellently in places like glass cabinet doors, room dividers, and skylights which are perfect spots to install a stained glass masterpiece in your Vernal home. However, since stained glass is easily customizable–you don’t have to worry about it fitting into your decor. You are virtually unlimited in your design preferences. For newer homes, abstract stained glass designs are always a good fit. But if you want a touch of tradition, many older design styles will still blend wonderfully with modern decor–like the timeless Prairie style!

Church Stained Glass In Vernal

Most churches here in Vernal already have stained glass. Which is why, we here at Salt Lake City Stained Glass, offer first-rate cleaning, repair, and restoration services. However, new stained glass in churches is also something we do marvelously. Whether you are having your church remodeled and want to add a new piece of chapel stained glass. Or if you are looking to install a memorial window for a lost but loved patron–we are the area’s most prolific stained glass studio for the job. We have created thousands of stained glass windows that are loved by churches across the country! We would love to work with your congregation to make something amazing that will last for generations.

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