5 Unique Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Salt Lake City Homes

5 Unique Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Salt Lake City Homes

Have you been looking for a new project to work on for your home? There are a number of home projects that you can look into for creating that beautiful, one-of-a-kind decor and property value boost. Stained glass is one of those incredible investments that’s available for residential properties. It can offer so many benefits in a variety of different areas throughout the home but one of the most celebrated areas is the bathroom. Here are five unique bathroom stained glass windows for your Salt Lake City home.

Bathroom Stained Glass Choices for Your Salt Lake City Home

Leaded glass is a great avenue to explore for those trying to keep it modern. These matching diamond leaded glass windows are simple yet contemporary. We love how they match the existing lines of the bathroom.

Just because you have a sliding window doesn’t mean you can’t opt for stained glass. This is the perfect example showing how stunning your sliding glass can be – enjoy custom privacy based on which panels you decide to replace with leaded or stained glass.

Arched windows and windows of any shape can be the perfect place for installing custom stained glass. This simple leaded design features beautiful bevels while helping obscure unwanted views.

This is one of our all-time favorite projects. The colorful stained glass window is the best option for really blocking out unwanted views from outside. For those looking for better privacy, look into a full-color installation.

Mission or Prairie-inspired glass is always a favorite in the bathroom. The simple lines and pops of color among leaded glass really transform the space.

Work With Salt Lake City’s Leading Bathroom Stained Glass Studio

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